SDK Threatens To Release Bedroom Video Of Uche Ogbodo And His Baby Daddy If She Dares Her

Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus has threatened to release a sensitive bedroom video of actress Uche Ogbodo and her second baby daddy Bobby Maris.

Uche Ogbodo blew hot after SDK unveiled her second baby daddy warning her to leave her alone in peace and that she hasn’t abused her in any way for her to attack her like that calling her a witch that she has always been calling her.

SDK reacts to Uche Ogbodo’s reply on her post threatens to share a bedroom video of her with her baby daddy giving her head if she dares her asking her to leave her page before she also responds with pregnancy hormones.

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A lot of us are in awe wondering how SDK got a video of Uche Ogbodo and her second baby daddy in the bedroom and was giving her head at that matter, something that is sensitive like this is about to come out if Uche does something wrong.

Netizens reacting to her post pleaded with her to forgive Uche Ogbodo and not release any video of them in the bedroom, others were only talking about how Uche will start posting her man after he’s been unveiled just as she did when her pregnancy news came out.

screenshot below;

Source: Newzandar News

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