See The Reply Actor, Jim Iyke Gave To A Fan Who Described Him A Short Man

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke took a gun to a sword fight as he savagely responded to a fan who tried to mock him over his height.

Jim Iyke had taken to his Instagram page and shared some photos of himself at some location as part of his media tour on a new movie he featured in.

Reacting to his photos as he was seen posed in one of them, a follower identified as @dbullofficial made a sarcastic statement saying ‘so Jim is short’ and added laughing emojis. Jim Iyke who is known for his savage responses trolls dragged his family saying;

‘@dbullofficial your mother and sister might disagree if u know what I did to the slots’

Social media users have reacted to this and they have slammed Jim Iyke for dragging the guy’s family into the issue.

Read some comments below;

@onewithchristangie wrote;

Everyone will laugh at it Jim went too far calling someone innocent mother a slat means jim mother isn’t a saint neither you don’t just call people mothers name like hello no if your mama raised you well you should know better you don’t throw stones when you living in a glass house and that’s on period

@hrh_kpomeru wrote;

Lol, if you are short own it nau, why are you talking about your fantasies with people you don’t even know? …. Abeg eee noorrr weigh

@sabadanladi wrote;

The reply was uncalled for, it was just a harmless comment, all these celebrities and overreacting, how can u insult someone’s mum?

@romefb wrote;

He talks like he is suffering from an invisible pains known to him alone. He responds to every troll like an injured snake

@tenovertenautos wrote;

“The dance of shame has no choreographer”. If you’re bold enough to go troll anyone on the Internet, there’s no Law or restriction as to who gets dragged with u. even your ancestors I go drag them.

Source:Newzandar News

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