Show Them Your Usual Uncommon Love – Kanayo O. Kanayo Says As He Celebrates His Son And Daughter’s Birthday

Veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has asked netizens to show his son Kosi and daughter Valerie their usual uncommon love as they celebrate their birthday.

It’s the birthday of both Kosi and Valerie even though they aren’t twins and their father Kanayo O. Kanayo has taken to Instagram to ask his fans and followers to show them their usual uncommon love as he knows some might not even like them personally.

He shared a photo of the two on his Instagram page and only asked fans to show them love without saying anything to his children but we believe Kanayo O. Kanayo is very proud of them and will celebrate them off the gram but just wanted netizens to show them some love reason why he shared the photos.

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His daughter Valerie is doing her service and the veteran actor is so proud of her even though he doesn’t say it on the gram, a post he wrote to advice her when she was posted shows how proud he is of the woman she has become and today being her birthday, he’s certainly going to celebrate her.

His fans and followers obliged to his request and showed both Valerie and Kosi some love by wishing them a happy birthday saying all sort of good things to them as some say a word of prayer for them just as Kanayo O. Kanayo requested of them.

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