Shut Your Dirty Mouth – Beggar Insults Nancy Iheme For Advising Her To Sell Her Phone

Nancy Iheme going the Reno Omokri way advised a beggar who asked her for money to take care of her baby who is allegedly suffering from Malaria Typhoid to sell the phone she’s using and feed herself and her child with that.

According to the beggar, life as a single mother isn’t easy for her at all but Nancy Iheme wasn’t bothered about that at all hence gave her an alternative to selling the phone she’s using now and use the money for whatever she wants.

But this didn’t sit down well with the beggar hence resulted to insult Nancy Iheme saying is better for her to shut her dirty mouth than to say this trash to her calling her a prostitute forgetting that she asked for her money a few seconds ago.

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Nancy Iheme being speechless of the attitude of the beggar decided to shut her mouth up just like the beggar said asking her to come and collect the money as if she’s trying to threaten the beggar but added a laughing emoji.

Some of these beggars are the reason why some celebrities like Nancy Iheme don’t like helping people on the gram as those who can afford a smartphone and data to beg and insult you when you refuse to help them aren’t in need at all.

screenshot below;

Source: www.Newzandar News

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