Side Chicks Are So Expensive — Bishop Wale Ajayi Tell Men

A Nigerian preacher, Bishop Wale Ajayi has pointed out the expensive nature of having and maintaining side chicks.

Whilst delivering a sermon during a church service, Bishop Wale Ajayi lamented over how costly it is having a side chick but he is grateful to God he does not have a side chick because his money is saved therefore he is profiting in righteousness.

In a video fast making rounds on social media, the clergyman said that one will have more money if you are godly,

Watch the video below;

Reacting to Bishop Wale Ajayi’s comments,

@thenameischisom wrote;

There are very affordable side chicks sir. Infact one is currently funding the relationship of her and her married man?????

@nene_george wrote;

Sorry sir, but unfortunately you’re talking to yourself. Some useless men will rather spend their money on sidechic than their own wives and it’s sad and I don’t know whether Na juju or what????

@tam_of_tgh wrote;

Why does this sound like he’s saying the reason why you shouldn’t have a sidechick is because they’re more expensive and costly. How about preaching Loyalty and faithfulness in marriage.


Hes just a stingy man.. I was expecting him to end it with dpend that money on your wives and also emphasise on staying loyal and truthful to ur spouse

@iamlanre wrote;

Side chicks even demand more that wife. To all those side chicks out there who are draining marred men becos of punani. He no go better for u oo????

@wildlion101 wrote;

The pastor don get side chick b4 Na billing pursue am .who else fit relate ?

Source:Newzandar News

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