August 5, 2021

So Dem Break Omah Lay Heart Too – Ric Hassani Reacts To Omah Lay’s Latest Song

Singer Ric Hassani has made fun of Omah Lay as he reacts to his latest song Understand that insinuates that some lady has broken his heart and he decided to use it for a song.

The song Understand by Omah Lay talks about how a lady spent his money and dumped him for another man and Ric Hassani reacting to that made fun of him saying so a lady has broken the heart of Omah Lay too adding that it’s good.

Most musicians who sing about love and heartbreak do so from their experiences therefore Omah Lay singing a song of heartbreak insinuates that he has gotten his heart broken by a lady and Ric Hassani has made fun of him with that.

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A tweep reacting to the post of Ric Hassani said they should actually be grateful to these girls for breaking their hearts and helping them unlock some deep emotional songs like Omah Lay’s own as heartbreaks have been said to have birthed some of the world’s greatest love songs.

Omah Lay’s song Understand is good for heartbreak but as to whether it’s out of experiences or hearsay that he wrote the song, we can’t tell but Ric Hassani has indirectly confirmed that his heart has been broken once and he made a song out of it.

Screenshot below;


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