Sometimes Rest In Peace Becomes An Oxymoron – Ireti Doyle Laments Over Killing In Nigeria

Actress Ireti Doyle has lamented over the killings of innocent people in the country saying sometimes rest in peace becomes an Oxymoron.

According to Ireti Doyle, how do someone rest when his or her life was taken so suddenly from him or her without any explanation or even being aware and telling them to rest in peace becomes an Oxymoron.

Ireti Doyle also added that telling someone to rest in peace after his or her life was taken suddenly, so violently, so untimely, so unjustly for no apparent reason becomes an Oxymoron and it isn’t fair to the dead person.

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The recent death of an innocent girl who was killed after going for a job interview has been the height of all the atrocities going on in the country and that has got almost everyone worried and Ireti Doyle has added her voice.

To her, telling someone whose life was taken so unjustly, violently, untimely, and so suddenly to rest in peace becomes an oxymoron sometimes as she (Ireti Doyle) wonders how the person will be able to rest in peace after going through all these barbaric things.

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