Sound Sultan’s Death: You Have No Right To Post Him In Death If You Never Checked On Him When He Was Sick’ – Comedian Julius Agwu’s Wife, Ibiere Fumes

Ibiere, the wife of ace Nigerian comedian, Julius Agwu has said that those who never checked up or reached out a person they probably knew as a friend while he was sick have no right to post him on social media in his death.

Her outburst comes after some celebrities took to their social media pages to post Sound Sultan’s image after his death.

According to Ibiere, if they have never celebrated Sound Sultan in any of his milestones openly, they have no right to celebrate him openly in his death, though she is largely right with her opinion, some Nigerians don’t share in her view.

See her post below;

@shakitisisi wrote;

Is she saying I can’t post him? I don’t even know him personally, but I appreciated his music and talent. Why do this people on social media think they have right to tell people what to post and what not to post?

@iamrayd_homi wrote;

I totally agree with this post, it’s not about writing episodes and posting pictures. I may be wrong but finance could be one of the leading cause to his death. How many persons contributed to his treatment those are the people that their emotions are worthy putting forth.

@prettie_esta wrote;

This is not about fans, because a lot of us don’t even have access to him, I think it’s more about his friends and colleagues in the industry

@lady.erica.chuchu wrote;

This assertion is stupid…. Since when is it wrong to pay last respects…. it’s like saying don’t post sum1 on they bday unless u post them every other day…

@moiomolara wrote;

They should all get out abeg. Enough of all these rubbish talk! The bible says mourn with those who mourn. Leave people to mourn!


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