“Stop The Blackmail And Raise Your Child” – Daddy Freeze Slams Actress Francis Odigie For Calling Out Baby Daddy

You would recall that a few days ago, Shine Francis ranted in a viral video on social media alleging that her baby daddy deceived and lured her into having a relationship with her but after he got her pregnant he did not show up in her life again and begged Nigerians to help her locate her baby daddy to come see his child as her son needs the father.

Reacting to this, Daddy Freeze urged Shine Francis to face reality and take up her responsibility as the sole parent of her child because the fact is that her baby daddy wanted an abortion whilst she wanted to have the child, hence she should stop blackmail him.

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In his words:

“Dear Sister.

I sympathize with you. However, there are some facts that we shouldn’t ignore. Top of that list is that he wanted an abortion, while you wanted a baby.

In civilized climes you would probably have had a good case. However, with Nigeria being the way it is, it is only logical that you take up the cross of raising your child by yourself.

I also see a hint of what I perceive to be the undertones of blackmail here. If you really want him to have a relationship with his child, reach out to his family unless the underlying intention isn’t to foster a father/daughter relationship, rather it is to twist his hand into being financially responsible for the child’s welfare.

This is a tough one sister, God is your strength. Take up the cross and continue to raise your child well, it’s what many women would do when faced with such difficult choices.


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