Sugar Daddy Seen Watching Side Chic’s Nude Video While At The Airport

An elderly man who is undoubtedly playing the role of a sugar daddy in the life of a young ‘succulent’ lady has been ‘caught’ admiring his side chic’s nudes on his portable device while at the airport.

The side chic appeared to have sent her nude video to him, and he decided to check it out before flying out of the country. A fellow passenger who was also waiting at the airport lobby, invaded the man’s privacy and took a snapshot of the moment, and splashed it on Twitter.

The man, after having his adrenaline raised to the sky when he viewed the nude, wrote replied the side chic thus; ”Baby you are succulent.”

The ‘whistleblower’ who posted it online captioned the photo;

”Come get your dad at the airport please.”

Predictably, netizens had the final say and we have a few of their comments for you.

Reacting, @GhostmodeAbj wrote; Is this not invasion of privacy??

@kentosaro replied @GhostmodeAbj: Indecency and wickedness in privacy should remain private abi?

@ahladin007; As funny as it looks. It isn’t right doh

@MrChukwudi001; Chai… Sugar daddies & their vivid descriptions… “You are succulent”

@bimpeeky; Daddy ti pada cast last las

@TunmiseAJ; He didn’t even download the video.

SOURCE: Newzandar News

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