TBoss Is Clearly Not Intelligent — Actress Angela Eguavoen Reacts To TBoss’ Mustache Comment

Tboss had taken to her Instagram story and advised ladies who have mustache to take it off as she is not able to distinguish if a lady with one is a man or a real lady.

She wrote;

Dear Females You see that strip of hair that’s on top of your lip yeah? Yessss That moustache Take it OFF….

Please take it off.

Some of y’all got so much hair I be confused if you’re a man or a woman.

Reacting to her post, actress Etinosa Idemudia dragged her describing her statement as insensitive as she pointed out that some women with moustache have a medical condition they are battling.

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It didn’t end there as Angela Eguavoen has also taken to her IG story to tackle the reality star and she expressed her disappointment in her for making such an insensitive comment as she concurred in Etinosa’s reaction.

Angela Eguavoen accused the mother of one of body-shaming women with such condition and described her as unintelligent.


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