‘The Pain Will Leave You When It Is Done Teaching You’ – Actor, Tchidi Chikere Reacts After His Wife Yanked Off His Name, ‘Wife’ From Her IG Bio

Legendary Nigerian filmmaker and actor, Tchidi Chikere has reacted after his wife and actress, Nuella Ngubigo, yanked off his name from her name on her Instagram bio.

A look into Nuella’s Instagram page revealed that the actress who formerly used the Nuella Njubigbo Chikere on her bio on Instagram has taken off the ‘Chikere’ which is the surname of her husband from her bio.

The actress also removed the ‘wife’ status or designation on her bio to suggest that she is no more a wife to her supposed husband even after they both debunked rumors and reports about their split.

Breaking silence on the rumored split and the removal of his name from his wife’s IG bio, Tchidi Chikere revealed that he is going through pain but he did not go into details what pain that is.

According to producer and director, the pain will not leave you until it is done imparting the knowledge it wants you to acquire.

He added the captioned;

HIS GRACE has brought me this far.. HE is still with me

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