This Constant Disrespect Is Unacceptable – Nengi Angrily Warns Those Insulting Her Family And Friends

BBNaija star Nengi has angrily warned those who subject her family, friends, and brands to insult just because they associate with her to stop the constant disrespect.

Nengi reacting to a comment about those close to her angrily warned that the constant disrespect towards her family, friends, and brands is unacceptable therefore trolls should stop pulling down her friends, brand, and team.

According to Nengi, her brand is important to her and a good name is better than riches and she has been quiet on a lot of things because she understands that is what she signed up for but the constant disrespect is unacceptable.

Adding that, however, subjecting her family and friends to the same vitriol is unacceptable as they didn’t sign up for this hence if you love her because of your fantasies, unstan her as she’s a brand and that should be enough for you.

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Though Nengi didn’t reveal what got her angry, the message was clear to those who attack her brand, family, and friends in their savage comments as she’s no longer going to take their disrespect anymore so if you don’t like her just unstan her.

Nengi is someone who hardly reacts to trolls and criticisms online and for her to issue this warning means someone has crossed the line with his/her comment and that is why she has angrily warned that the constant disrespect is unacceptable.

screenshot below;


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