Tunde Ednut Counts His Loses After His BitCoin Investment Went Wrong

Nigerian socialite, Tunde Ednut has suggested that he has lost some money after investing in BitCoin.

The controversial Nigerian personality made this known in a recent post he made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

According to him, he has even blocked the person who introduced him to the investment on all the social media platforms.

The post he made reads;

“Na so them force be to do Bitcoin. As I join, na im the crash. I don block the guy wey force me do this Bitcoin for WhatsApp and Instagram.”

Some of his followers reacted to the post and some of the reactions are;

bitcoin_chief – Not sure Bitcoin crashed. 1 Bitcoin was $12,900 on 27th June 2023 and today 27th June 2023 same 1 Bitcoin is $32,500. That’s over 100% profit. The person who told you actually didn’t tell you that it will take some years to profit from it. Bitcoin is not a Get Rich Quick and that’s why I tell people the truth not to buy it with their survival Money or Food Money as it’s very risky and Unpredictable.

bigbrokelvin – He didn’t teach you well Na…It’s either you are in for the short term trading or long term investment. There is no shortcut to wealth ?

salih.otf – E go reach 60k before the end of 2023, just watch

official__vicktors – The guy wey introduce me to dodgecoin dey always dodge anytime he see me???‍♂️?

jennifarian – Bitcoin no fit crash and e never crash before, Na the rate just drop which it’s normal because the rate fluctuates from time to time. Make your findings to know more about Bitcoin and thank me later.

miss_mheee – I have purposely stayed away from looking at my wallet because ?
I think it’s my village people responsible for this Global pain! Dey no just wan mk I blow ?

kurlture_b – I told a covid-19 patient to stay positive yesterday…..I never reach house like this

engr.tunde1 – I lost over 20m to BTC in 2016
Run for ur life

b.e.s.t.c.h.i.m.e.z.i.r.i.m – But trading bitcoin is good, i don’t mean bitcoin investment ooo, they’re two different things. I can teach you the basics of bitcoin trading if you’re interested.

its_succex – Lmao, I swear its painful. Na when I start every where cast.?????

Source: Newzandar News

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