Ubi Franklin Celebrates His Baby Mamas Except for Sandra Iheuwa For Taking Care Of His Kids

Ubi Franklin shared three different posts celebrating all his 3 baby mama’s with the exception of Sandra Iheuwa thanking them for taking care of their kids despite the trouble they go in and all that comes with being a mother.

According to Ubi Franklin, it’s none of his baby mama’s birthday but then he wants to celebrate them and appreciate them for what they are going and how good they are taking care of their kids despite all the challenges they face but didn’t celebrate Sandra Iheuwa.

We all know Ubi Franklin and Sandra Iheuwa have had their own differences but then he refused to celebrate her just as he celebrated his other 3 baby mamas speaks a lot of volumes as to how the relationship between them is even though we don’t know why he didn’t celebrate him.

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We can’t tell whether Ubi Franklin is indirectly insinuating that Sandra Iheuwa isn’t worth celebrated as he celebrated his other 3 baby mama’s or she isn’t taking good care of their kids as the others are doing or the fact that she’s about to get married made him try to stay away from her despite having a child together.

Not her Birthday, but I want to Appreciate her for the Job she has been doing with my son Shiloh.
GOD has show me mercy, He looked past our sin, Our Guilt, our Shame and poured your Love.

one of his post read

Screenshot below;

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