Ubi Franklin Criticized For Not Correcting A Fan Who Hailed Him For Giving Chioma’s Voice Back To Her

Music executive Ubi Franklin has been criticized for not correcting a fan who hailed him for giving Chioma‘s voice back to her with their friendship.

Fans hailing Ubi Franklin for lighting up Chioma’s face with his friends after all that is happening with Davido thanked him for doing a good job and one thanked him for giving Chioma back her voice which has sparked a debate online.

Someone who thinks that phrase has been wrongfully used criticized the person who used it asking what she meant by Ubi Franklin gave Chioma her voice back with their friendship as if someone took her voice away from her.

The critic went ahead to ask whether the follower understands what it means to give someone’s voice back to him/her and how that correlates with the relationship between Ubi Franklin and Chioma which has sparked debate online.

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We think what the follower was trying to say was thanking Ubi Franklin for cheering Chioma up as he came in at the right moment when things were tensed between Chioma and Davido and his friends helped her very much.

Ubi Franklin and Chioma have been very good friends for a while and based on the photos and videos they share, the two really enjoy each other’s company and that seems to be what fans are thankful to him for.

screenshot below;

Source: Newzandar News

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