Update: Man Who Hunted For His Biological Mother Who ‘Vanished’ Shortly After She Was Born Has Found Her

According to the short narration he gave, his mother disappeared a few weeks after he was born. To get his story across quite a large number of social media users, it was shared on the Instagram page of popular blogger Linda Ikeji.

Earlier this afternoon, Babatunde disclosed that he has finally met his mother. He explained that her mother came with her sister and her niece when he met her back in 1988. The post on LIB was seen by the same niece who established the meet up with his mum.

This is the mail Babatunde sent after meeting his mother;

”When she came in 1998, she came with her sister and her niece. It was her niece that recognised her picture when it was shared online, and she got in touch with me on my mobile number. Her niece then passed her number to me and we are in touch. 
I am overjoyed and grateful to God for this reunion. My hearty thanks to LIB & the entire team as well as all who prayed and supported.”

With hundreds of comments which trailed down the post had different kinds of opinions. While some social media were stunned by the power of social media, others wanted to get to know more about how the woman left her son when he was very young.

For instance, Nollywood actress Uche Elendu wrote; LIB… power❤️❤️

@stewarts_food_mart: I’m confused…it sounds like she willfully left him, not that she was denied access. Basically, she could have reached out to him if she wanted to but chose not to. Am I wrong? Just trying to understand if this is actually something to be celebrated because it seems like she left her child to start her life over to me

@dannyokoye: You get us involved and we need to know more? Where is she? why did she abandon you? Etc

@adorables_fashion: Wonderful. Power of social media🙌

Source; Newzandar News.com

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