US Stripper, Symba Includes Nigeria In The List Of Places Not To Visit For Plastic Surgery

American stripper and adult entertainer, Symbaserothick has taken to social media to warn her fellow ladies who have plans of going under the knife to enhance their body.

In a recent update on her Instagram story, Symbaserothick outlined the countries that are a no-go-area when on is thinking of a place to go and undergo a plastic surgery.

According to the curvy and heavily endowed socialite, places such as The Bronx, Turker, Nigeria, Barbados are not safe for women to have plastic surgery and she even alarmed that one may lose her life if she employs the services of one Dr. Cabral for liposuction procedure.

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Sis drop the better location abeg…I don gather reach 6, go soon complete


You all can go for your plastic surgery . But don’t come back here selling flat tummy tea and butt oil. When you know deep down work out didn’t do that. That is Deceit and Theft


Allow women do to their bodies what they wish?, don’t control what women do with their bodies, they do it for themselves and not to please men


If Nigeria isn’t in that list . Just know say the list never complete will must sha enter bad list 


She’s talking to her fellow colleagues,cos I don’t even understand what she’s talking about

Source:Newzandar News

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