“What Chioma Is Leaving That Relationship With, Is Worth At Least 80% of Lagos TV And Radio Stations” – Daddy Freeze Blasts TVC Host (VIDEO)

The host on the morning show of ‘Your View’ on TVC bemoaned how Chioma abandoned her education just to because Davido and now she is a baby mama with no light at the end of the tunnel with regards to her future with him, despite his assurance.

The host named BeeCee Ugboe said that when she first heard that Chioma did this, she prayed to God not to give her children without sense. 

Reacting to this, Daddy Freeze in an Insta-live session pointed to the fact that Chioma has nothing to lose in the relationship as wh at she is leaving that relationship is worth at least 80% of Lagos TV stations and radio stations.

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”I loved the two of them together. What Chioma is leaving that the relationship is worth at at least 80percent of Lagos TV stations and radio stations. Forget about the big ones; there are some if you dashed them 2.6 million followers, they will worship you as God. She is leaving with endorsements; she is leaving with a viable page and so many endorsements. Do you know what 2.6 million followers is?”

Reacting to Daddy Freeze’s position on this, follower identified as @mollybeth_70 wrote;

Daddy Freeze, I have been spiritually blessed by listening to some of your bible teachings.

On the TBC 
and Chioma, my contribution as a mother and grandmother is that, if David ends up not marrying Chiioma then she has placed her trust, hope and leaving school on an irresponsible boy playing man.

I am sure Chioma’s parents are now not happy with this development. 

The TVC Presenter was speaking as a young mother and with painful thoughts of how she felt. No mother will want to be subject of ridicule especially having a child outside wedlock.

Davido I understand has another baby recently by another woman in America.😮 haba


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