Why Taking Care Of A Nursing Mum Should Not Be Done By The Mother-in-Law — Twitter User Shares Insight

A Nigerian man has kicked against the idea and move by some families where the mother-in-law goes to take care the new mother after child birth.

The man who uses the ID @kingfoye on Twitter opined strongly that taking care of a new mum should be done by the wife’s mum if she is still alive thus, that tradition where it is the mother in law that goes to help the nursing mother is trash and must be scrapped.

According to him, the headache of pregnancy of childbirth is enough for a new mum, thus, there is no point creating avenue for any disrespect or headache between both wife and mother and he pointed out that the mother-in-law will never care for the nursing mother like her own mother.

See his post below;

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Here are some reactions below;

@andyblayz wrote;

I second this motion!!! The wife’s mother is in a better position to take care of her daughter! She knows her too well! Often times when the mans mother comes in to assist ! Chaos ensues! Ends up stressing the wife

@ekajimmy wrote;

It actually depends on the women involved o. Some mother in laws are better than your Biological mother. Rather I think the new mum should pick who she is best comfortable with

@realbass.og wrote;

Igbos have been doing this since 1800, you can’t totally be free with another woman the same way you can be with your mother, but of course there are exceptions, some mothers are not domesticated and would make a mess of the visit. So in that case anyone who can offer more care to the new mother should do the job.

Source:Newzandar News

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