Yemi Alade Schooled Over Her Stance On A Controversial Picture About The Struggle Of Women

Songstress Yemi Alade has been schooled over her stance on a controversial picture that talks about the struggle of women in society.

The picture shows how women struggle while climbing up in their field of work without any support from men and Yemi Alade sharing that agreed with the post that women struggle a lot while climbing up without the support of men.

Yemi Alade’s stance on this claiming that men don’t support women and they suffer while climbing up the ladder to make it in life sparked a controversy on the gram and some netizens have schooled her on that.

According to some netizens, the picture only portrays one side of the story as there are some men who support women and some women don’t find it difficult while climbing the ladder as the picture Yemi Alade shared portrays.

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But then Yemi Alade is right in one sense because if you take the music industry, for instance, the men have more advantages than the women and most of the women are underrated which makes it difficult for them to climb the ladder.

Both Yemi Alade and those who schooled her are right as they both have valid points but the fact still remains that women suffer while trying to climb up because of the support they don’t get from men in their various sectors.

screenshots below;

Source: Newzandar News

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