‘Yes, I Know My Backside is BIG But I Want People to Appreciate My Talent’- Nollywood Actress

Fast-rising Nollywood Nigerian actress, Didi Ekanem has said in a fresh interview that although she admits her homogeneous backside is the most distinctive part of her personality, she wants the focus to be tilted to her immense talent instead.

The Akwa Ibom-born designer confessed she gets swollen-headed and has her oversized ego brushed caressingly when people tag her as the actress with the biggest backside in the Nigerian movie industry but then wants her talent as an actress to be appreciated more.

‘But my bum is not allowing people to see me deep down, to see the person and the talent,’ she said. Didi said some fans who meet her on the street ask her if her bums are real or fake to which she had this to say;

‘That is how I was born but I started noticing it when I was in JSS1 and never loved it.’

SOURCE: Newzandar News

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