You Become Rich The Moment You Refuse To Be Poor — Comedian Ebiye

Ebiye cited on Twitter that a person journey to becoming rich starts the moment he or she drops the mentality or mindset that he is poor.

Instagram users concurred with his submission and also shared their opinions to compliment his statement on facts or keys to becoming rich.

He tweeted;

The moment you refuse to be poor, you become rich’

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Thank you to everyone that supported! I would love to specially appreciate some people because without them, I would never have survived this.

And everyone that told me keep them anonymous ( you know yourselves )
-Also special Thanks to everyone that also booked me for events and used my platform to promote their businesses.

Whosoever that blesses Ebiye Victor shall be blessed , and with the same energy Whosoever curses Ebiye Victor shall be Cursed

Source:Newzandar News

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