You Don’t Have To Reveal Anything To Be Beautiful — Actress, Olayode Juliana To Women

Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode has dished out a word of advice to her fellow ladies in a recent post on social media that has burdened her heart in the past few days.

Juliana Olayode took to her Instagram story to kick against exposing one’s body all in the quest to look beautiful as she insisted that dressing modestly is not outdated.

According to the script-interpreter, modesty and fashion goes hand in hand further opining that the less you wear skin reveal outfits, the more beautiful you are.

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Some Nigerians on Instagram have concurred with her commentary and has shared their thoughts on the issue. See some reactions below;


You see? She’s beautiful without unveiling everything unlike some chasing yanch idibalabala


So true. A lot of ladies have taken indecency for fashion. God help this generation.


Well! When it comes to modesty talks. You’ve been consistent. It’s in you like Peak meek. Continue to Speak your truth.


Aunt wear what makes you feel comfortable ,don’t condem others that do such cos u are now born again ,u once did also


This is a matter of choice in my own opinion, dressing revealing doesn’t make you not modest either! Choice!


That’s your business…let people wear whatever they feel like wearing

Source:Newzandar News

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