Your Money Should Be A Soldier – Shade Ladipo Encourages Her Colleagues To Invest

OAP Shade Ladipo has advised that we should let out monies to be soldiers as she encourages individuals to save and invest for the monies to work for them.

Shade Padipo trying to convince her colleagues that investing is good, she said they should let their monies be soldiers doing things and bringing interest because if you don’t use your money it’s as good as losing it.

According to her, making your money a soldier is what investment is in a nutshell and even though it’s risky, it’s up to you the individual to choose the right army and the right time to advance and retreat for you not to run at a loss.

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Shade Ladipo then pleaded with all to start investing no matter how small their money is or what way they try to invest because as the money sits in your account without doing anything, it’s also losing its value as it will get to a time it won’t be valuable as it used to be.

Investing is a very good but risky thing and people who take the risk and be smart about it end up laughing and Shade Ladipo has taken the liberty to remind us that our money loses value when it’s there without working hence we should let them be soldiers for us.

screenshot below;


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