You’re A Coward If You Trash Talk Your Wife To Your Side Chick — Actress Stella Damasus

Legendary Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has slammed husbands who trash their wives to their side chicks.

Stella Damasus exclaimed that it is not her problem if a married man cheats on his wife, but what upsets her is the fact that even after cheating on their wives then bash and speak negatively against them to their side chicks.

According to her such men are cowards and advised them to brand the mother of the children as monsters before their side chicks.

Watch the video below;

Read some comments the her video generated online.

@goldenvoice008 wrote;

Y re u pained Stella? You that snatched ur best friends husband turn him to your husband, what were you expecting?

@qween_kemite wrote;

No be samething DORIS SIMEON husband do when you be him side chick then ?? Heiiiii table yaff turn ??? EHN EHN NA


Na wa o from somebody married a colleague’s husband . Stella shame on you

@onlyevesorich wrote;

Coming from stella ???? stella rest oooo last person to talk about side chic ( queen of sidechics) ???

@ooa_champion wrote;

What is this one saying… the iya Isale of all the side chicks in Nigeria… people like Chidinma learnt from her and over practiced the tutorials she gave them shior

@princessonmums wrote;

When Nigerians don’t want to take a message.. they’ll start insulting the messenger ? ignore the messenger and talk the problem ? Y’all just like your President that won’t talk about our issues but he’ll start insulting all of us and ignoring the major conversations. Weldone ?????


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