Don Jazzy advices lawmakers, judiciary on what to do about laws on sexual crimes



Nigerian music producer, Don Jazzy has advised that the laws on sexual crimes in Nigeria should be revamped by the lawmakers and the judiciary.

The Mavin Record boss disclosed this while speaking up against rape on social media.

He also advised parents to ensure their children grow up knowing that the will of other people needs to be respected.

He wrote: “It’s so heartbreaking to see how far some people would go to dehumanize others for their own sexual urge and satisfaction. As children grow, parents need to give them proper orientations on respecting people’s will and not forcing them against it.

“Lawmakers, Law enforcers and the Judiciary also need to work in unison to revamp our laws on sexual crimes to address these endemic acts and give the most effective deterrents to them. Our society should be one that frowns against these acts and not enable them.” He added.

See his tweet below:


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