Are Succulent Plants Good for Bedroom

When we are talking about the perfect plants for your home, there’s a plethora of options to choose from. Some flowers can really make your home feel alive but their life-span may not be so great and after a couple of days you have to take them out.

The others are less decorative, but you can keep them for months and some even years. Usually, people consider maintenance as well. Some people love to spend time taking care of the house plants, while the others just love to have them and not worry about them too much.

One of the most popular choices are succulents. Not only are they decorative, but they are also really easy to maintain and not at all expensive. So, in a few steps, you can get the succulents for your home. But before you go ahead and order them, there are a few things to know.

Where do you keep succulents?


The succulent plants love sun. While there is a large number of different types, basically, what you are getting are cacti. And they are just perfect for your home! The ideal place for succulents could be your living room, assuming there’s enough light in there.

The good think about succulents is that you can place them in your bedroom as well even though you may lower the shades much more often. These plants can stay in the dark for quite some time and if you don’t know where to place them, bedroom might be the perfect spot.

Health Benefits of succulents


Succulents, just like all other plants are purifying the air, which is yet another reason why you should position them near your bed. And if this is your aim we suggest that you get something like snake plant or aloe vera that are great at removing toxins from the atmosphere.

You will breathe more easily

Another reason why succulents are perfect for your apartment bedroom is that they help you breathe more easily. By producing oxygen, plants such as orchids and areca palms are the perfect choice for your bedroom. If you are having issues with sleeping at night, you might consider adding some plants nearby.

Low maintenance

Even if you don’t know much about plants, you should be familiar with the fact that succulents and cacti are pretty low-maintenance. As someone who isn’t much into plants, I too have a few of these at my home. You don’t have to worry too much about watering, light, etc. In fact, you shouldn’t over-water then as they are just fine when they are left without any moisture for days.

This gives you yet another benefit. Leaving your apartment for a few days has never been easier as you don’t need to think about the plants dying because there’s nobody there to take care of them.


Succulents can be placed anywhere inside your home and bedroom might be the perfect location. Make sure to expose them to some light throughout the day and they will be fine!