Andile And Lady Du Gets Take Things To The Next Level By Getting Themselves Matching Tattoos

South African DJ and Amapiano vocalist Lady Du and her man Andile thrill fans with another couples goals by getting themselves a matching tattoo.

Lady Du took to her Instagram account to share a photo of the tattoos with her fans and reaffirmed that she has found her soul mate. “I found my soulmate @andilemx. King and queen, we got matching tats.”

Her boyfriend Andile, famous for his role in Isibiya TV series also shared a photo of the matching tattoos on his Instagram account and wrote: “There is no me without you. King and the Queen.”

The couple got engaged last year but Andile decided to replace Lady Du’s engagement ring with an expensive one.

Taking to her Instagram account to share the news Lady Du wrote:

 “Last year March before lockdown I met Andile, we started talking, I was not in a good space so he was really patient with me, 4 month before that I was discharged from hospital I had depression, to point where I tried committing suicide, it was the most hardest time of my life.”

“I lost every single thing in my life including my family, I was alone, going through the most. I went for counseling on the last day of my counseling session the lady said take yourself out, that’s exactly what I did, lol guess who I met. this mad one here, guys I swear it was like God brought him straight from heaven. We’ve known each other for years, he looked at me asked me if I’m OK I said no I started crying. We spoke for 3 months guys 3 months nothing happened, it was like he was counseling me again.

She then revealed the moment he first mentioned marriage, “He said I want to make you my wife, I know your personality, I know how kind you are. please be my wife. From that day I’ve been treated like a queen, taught a new kind of love. Respect, unconditional love, family, that I even spoke to my family and fixed things with them.”

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Source: Newzandar News

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