Cassper Gets Hurt During Sparring As He Prepares For A Boxing Bout Against Prince Kaybee Or Big Xhosa

Mufasa also mentioned that he is uncertain very soon for his bout against Prince Kaybee. He also claimed that Big Xhosa is yet to respond to his team about the fight which he keeps bragging about on social media.

“Got hurt sparring today. Boxing is not play. Now and then, you’ll get a harsh reminder. Wonder how long it’ll take to recover so I can get back while we waiting for that clown to step up to the challenge. Loud Mouf with no action. Phone full of memes, empty heart.”

When a tweep asked him why he was up so late in the night, the rapper said he was watching his sparring tape again to know the areas he can still improve upon.

Meanwhile, Prince Kaybee is fired up and what to teach Mufasa a lesson as soon as possible but it looks like Cassper is trying to ignore him. The question is, Is he afraid of Prince Kaybee who is well built and taller than him.

Source: Newzandar News

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