Check Out The New House Actress Ntando Duma Built For Herself (Photo)

Ntando revealed back in February that construction for her new house was underway, and just a little over 3 months, the actress has announced that she is now a homeowner.

On the screen, things aren’t going quite well for Ntando, with rumours speculating that she will be leaving The Queen telenovela soon following criticisms of poor performances from fans.

However, that won’t be such a big problem for Ntando who is really doing well for herself off the set.

In April this year she unveiled her mum’s house, this is after announcing a few months prior that she was building her a house. So in all, she did not just build one house , but two. I believe you can see for yourself why we say she is really doing well for herself.

Taking to her Twitter account Ntando wrote: “I’ve been building my house since Feb last year and I’m so glad it is finally done.
There’s no one who’s as ecstatic as Sbahle right now. Kunini yalinda ingane yam bakithi [my child has been waiting for such a long time].”

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Source: Newzandar

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