Fans Left Confuse As Pearl Thusi Shares N#des On Social Media

Actress and TV personality Pearl Thusi got many wondering whether her Instagram account has been hacked after her account posted numerous n#de photos.

This has caused a lot of confusion among her fans who are of the believe that her account has been hacked since the photos where posted without a caption.

However, Pearl Thusi then posts the second picture of her face with the caption, ‘Always focus on the bigger picture. ❤️’. Still her fans fail to understand the meaning and ask if she has been hacked or what. She then goes on to post the third picture of many women who seem to be involved in some s.e.xual activity.

See post below:

Check out reactions below:

“Must be hacked ?”

“Go to her acc and look at the picture,it’s a puzzle”

“Finish us Pearl?”

“What the hell is goin on?”

“Understand what the message is by looking at the pictures. Not only is it art but it also tells a story…”

“Is this what we call art nowadays? ?, seems pretty dark to me??”

“look at it from an artistic point of view, it might not be to everyone’s taste or understanding. It’s what I call freedom of expression, and the fact that the piece is called The Last Supper makes it even more interesting.”

“Seems hacked to me ?”

“Not sure what’s going on here buuuuut… ?”

“Pearl what are we looking at? Giving us Illuminati vibes here ???‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️”

“She did not get hacked she showing her dark side”

“I thought it’s an exorcism but maybe it’s a party”


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