“I Am Emotionally Drained”– Actress Dawn Thandeka Opens Up On Her Mental Health Issues

South African actress Dawn Thandeka has opened up on her mental health issues and the relevance of caring for your mental wellbeing.

In an Insta TV video, the actress acknowledged that she is emotionally tired and her job comes with a lot of demands that people don’t understand which is why she is opening up to encourage others to also open up on their struggles.

“I am emotionally tired and it Is okay for me to say that. I think if I say I am emotionally tired it will encourage someone out there who Is emotionally tired and drained to say they are emotionally tired and drained,

“I think you guys think that because we are in the limelight we work on television it is just a job. It’s a job that comes with a lot of demands, when we finish shooting, we still need to come home and be moms, partners, daughters, and sisters and sometimes listen to the problems of other people when we are tired. But what happens when we are tired emotionally and psychologically?” she said.

She urged her followers to be very careful with their mental health and seek medical attention when they there is the need.

“Take care of yourselves mentally, if you feel you are emotionally drained perhaps speak to someone or take a time out because often we think that the illness is when there is a cut and a bleed, we need to see blood we don’t realize that there is pain inside. ”

However the actress delivered a bad news to her Uzalo fans when she stated that she won’t be returning in the series again but will still be on the screens for Diep City.

Watch video below:

Source: Newzandar News

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