It Started In The DMs – Musa Mthombeni And Liesl Laurie Share Their Love Story

There is no doubt Dr Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie are one Mzansi’s favourite couples after they recently got engaged. Let’s take a look at how both of them got to be a thing according Dr Musa himself.

 It all started with a little bit of stalking from Musa’s side, and then when a mutual friend posted about Liesl, Musa found a way in.

“One year ago on this day, July 2, my dear friend @dr_khanyile posted a picture of Liesl on her IG stories. I commented on this story with a lovestruck emoji and sent Dr Khanyile a voice note highlighting my utter excitement about this post.”

After Musa gathered the courage to shoot his shot, the rest was history.

“Within the hour, I sent Liesl a sweet innocent message, and as they say, the rest is history. Since that day, I’ve spoken to Liesl every day, throughout the day. The love of my life and future wife.

“Thank you Liesl and thank you Dr Khanyile for uk’phapha and for posting that story. I now have a caring, kind, beautiful and future wife who reciprocates the love I deserve every day!” a smitten Musa said.

“Throwback to my surprise birthday (celebration) organised by my sexy baby, Liesl. My friends were threatened within an inch of their lives not to even post the shoulder of my now fiancée. Thank you for obliging dear friends,” Musa wrote.

In the comment section he shared how Liesl went out of her way to organise his surprise birthday celebration.

“This party stressed my baby so much. I was wondering what was happening with her on my birthday. She disappeared for hours kanti phaaaa surprise.

He said “hiding” Liesl was stressful for him.

“Yes, I did fight with all my friends about the content they were allowed to post that night. I didn’t want any mistakes or problems. My baby is mine. You did well on this day my baby.

Corroborating his story, close friend and actress Nolwazi Ngubeni shared how “hiding” Liesl made sharing content much harder after get-togethers.

“Listen, I had to cut the entrance video because Liesl entered the frame. Then roll again after she passed. I had to look around to check for her location before taking pictures,” Nolwazi said.

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