Jacob Zuma’s Imprisonment Would Be Determined During Rescission Hearing, Says Expert

Former South African president Jacob Zuma has appealed to the constitutional council to revoke its ruling of contempt of court against him.

Jacob Zuma was fined for failing to appear before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture and provide testimony.

On Friday, Zuma filed an urgent motion with the court, requesting that it reconsider its decision to imprison him, stating that the decision was made in his absence and that the court must determine if it acted within the confines of the country’s Constitution.

His legal team led by advocate Dali Mpofu claims 15 months in prison will endanger his health.

He explained that his health issues prevented him from returning to the state capture commission as he opined that Raymond Zondo, the commission chairperson, has been unfair in the ruling against him.

Zuma’s motion for a reversal of his contempt ruling was granted by the court and it would hear the matter on 12 July. The former president had till Sunday to turn himself up at the Westville Correctional Facility, failing which police would have three days to arrest him.

Former President Jacob Zuma’s detention will be decided only when the Constitutional Court hears his case, according to legal expert Paul Hoffman.

Hoffman opined that the brief time has given Zuma some breathing space. He said: “The ruling that he should go to prison will be reconsidered on the 12th. Until it is reconsidered, it is not fair to him to expect him to go and sit in jail for a week or two”.

Source: Newzandar News

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