Kelly Khumalo: Old People In Government Must Go

South African singer Kelly Khumalo is not happy with how the leaders in power are treating citizens and has taken to her Instagram account to express her anger at the government.

She has even vowed not to campaign for any political party.

In a recent Instagram post, Kelly said the government treats citizens in South Africa like toilet paper that you could use and flush away.

According to Kelly, it was high time the old people in government take a bow for the young ones to take over.

“I’m usually having a smile on my face in the morning, but not this day. I’m disgusted by the government and Cup Cake, treating our country like toilet paper. You just wipe and flush in the toilet. I think we’ve all established that our government doesn’t care about us. I think it’s time we get rid of those who are in power because they feel entitled. They don’t understand the meaning of service. It’s not about them, it’s about people. They will keep taking this money because they feel they fought for freedom, therefore these people owe them. We must get rid of everyone who feels entitled, starting over but it’s not going to be handed to us,” she said in a video.

She then wrote: “If there was ever a time to fight, this is the time! We have been taken for granted for far too long. We have lost everything – friends and family members lost to this pandemic, jobs and businesses lost. Yet we still continue paying the price. What more do we need for us to see that it is not about us? It never was and never will be. Unless we fight to get our country and freedom back. All the oldies in government must step down!”

Many of her colleagues in the industry as well as her fans and followers couldn’t agree more.

Musician Busisiwe “Cici” Thwala wrote: “Couldn’t agree more.”

DJ Happygal also agreed: “That’s true my dear.”

Ngcalentle said: “All the senior citizens must step down.They should all retire. They’re all past 62. What are they still doing in government?”

But Ntokzin Ngubeni challenged her, saying elections were around the corner and artists would be hired by the same politicians.


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