Nadia Nakai: A N@ked Picture A Day Keeps The Spark Alive

South African rapper Nadia Nakai recently made her relationship with American rap sensation Vic Mensa public. Yesterday the rapper was bored decided to engage with her fans over an Instagram Q ‘n A session where she revealed how she keeps the spark in their relationship despite the distance.

Nadia and Vic Mensa have been dating for a while now after they met in Ghana to shoot the video of their collabo titled ‘Practice’. Long distance can be detrimental to any relationship because the thought of not being close to your person, is one many cannot bear.

That is the situation Nadia and Vic find themselves in right now and they are really handling it well. But it looks like Sis got a little secret which she shared with fans during a recent Instagram Q ‘n A session.

Fans asked her how does she keep things spicy between the two of them since they are in a long distance relationship. Nadia responded by saying communication is key but also sending a few [email protected] pictures allows things to be kept spicy.

Meanwhile, Nadia recently took to her social media account to reassure fans that she is doing well after testing positive for Covid-19.

Nadia said she has been in quarantine for seven days now in her house. Taking to her Instagram stories to share her experience with the virus, Nadia said she does not have symptoms yet. She went on to add that she feels so alone and lonely in her house and has resorted to taking photos.

In the video, she says: “So I just wanna let you know that I have tested positive for COVID I have zero symptoms which is crazy. I know I sound nasally but it’s not real.”

She urged her followers to be careful as they could be carrying the virus without knowing.

“I just wanna let you guys know that you should still be careful because you could be carrying the virus without even f*cking knowing. The f*ck COVID. Anyway, I’m fine, my family is fine and I’m recovering even though I don’t really have any symptoms. So now I’m just taking thotty pictures in my house cause I’m bored,” Nadia said.

Nadia Nakai


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