SA Minister Mbalula Caught Up In DMs Scandal

South African road minister Fikile Mbalula is caught up in a Twitter DM brouhaha after the account of a young girl he chats with privately got hacked.

 Mr ‘Fear Fokol’ probably now fear the person who exposed his private DMs with a young lady for the public to see what he does secretly.

Twitter user who goes by the account name @Khanya_nols had her account hacked, according to some of her friends on the platform, and on Thursday morning, all hell broke loose when the hacker decided to share some of her DMs online, which includes that of her private chat with SA road minister Fikile Mbulula.

In their chat, which is predominantly in their mother tongue, IsiXhosa, Mr Razzmatazz (who refers to Khanya as “mhlobo wami” meaning “my friend”) asks her what brings her to Cape Town. She replies that she works in the city, to which he then tells her that he hopes to see her.

Saze safunwa ngo Mbalula sibancane 🥺— kumkani (@Kumkaniii) June 3, 2021

The screenshots of the chat have got Twitter in a state of frenzy as expected, with many reactions form tweeps online.

Check put some of the reactions below:

While some tweeps think Mr Mbalula was shooting his shot, many have a different view and have applauded Khanya for how she responded.

“Khanya didn’t fumble any bag. She’s a lady who has class and respects herself. Stop projecting on her please. Respect her name. She’s one wonderful person,” one Twitter user wrote.

“What did Mbalula say to Khanya that was wrong please school me I only saw a part that sounded like a friend was asking a friend ukba uphi / wenzani eKapa, I didn’t see anything about ukushela [asking her out],” someone else wrote.

“Exposing a 3 months old DM from Mr Fix Mbalula to Khanya is sign that Khanya is clean. The hacker went as far as 3 months back and still couldn’t find any dirt on her’. Respect to Khanya,” another tweep wrote.

Source: Newzandar News

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