South Africans React After Seeing Khayelitsha Is Engulfed In Filth

Khayelitsha is a town in Western Cape and it is reputed to be the largest and fastest-growing township in South Africa.

However, the city is really filthy and some South Africans have shared their thoughts about this after seeing a purported photo of some part of the city.

The post was shared in a recent post on Twitter by @Anelemehlo and it was shared with the caption;

“This is a living conditions of khayelitsha cape town under the DA leadership.”

South African who saw the photo shared their thoughts and some of these reactions are;

@kabelodick – So no 1 in the community feels, maybe is time we do things ourselves?Who’s kids are playing in such? Who throws those things in the streets? Sometimes pple we must take charge of our own lives, am sure if the community can run a cleanup drive one day they can remove all that.

@david_kholofelo – Sometimes we need to take responsibility as civilians, DA did not offload all that dump there. The locals did that, they need to practice cleanliness. How do you feel dumping garbage in the middle of the street?

@Stoni_Luyanda – Khayelitsha has Green waste Containers for informal settlements,they receive Blue waste bags from the Cleaners every week i think.Those who live in this area should look in the Mirror instead of blamming other people.

@LisasaysSA1st – I see uncollected refuse bags. While I believe people should start doing things themselves it’s amazing to see how the reaction to bad service delivery is when it’s a white government. All of a sudden it’s the people’s fault

@missleejoyful – I’m from a village we do not have municipality come collect Dustin bins or running water yet we keep out villages clean. Growing up people from the same street will even come together to clean the area. The community needs to start doing something they are the ones littering.

@jacnive – As a rural person I can never understand this about city people! So you will really live with garbage and wait for someone to clean it for you? There is nothing that YOU can do? Who throws garbage in the street and not bins? Is it the DA? Neh fok man

Source: Newzandar News

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