“They Are Waiting For Me To Die” – Penny Lebyane Laments On The Hypocrisy In The Entertainment Industry

South African radio and TV personality Penny Lebyane has taken to her Twitter account to lament about the level of hypocrisy within the entertainment industry.

The media personality said people do not want to recognize her for her work yet they copy what she has done and pretend like it’s their ideas.

She said they are waiting for her to die so that they can acknowledge her hard work.

“They won’t acknowledge me for what I’ve done for the industry but do everything and repeat everything l have said like it’s the freshest thing ever. They are waiting for me to die so they can talk about my impact on them. Guess what l am not and l know what l did for u and u,” she wrote.

Her comments sparked a debate on Twitter, with some arguing that she doesn’t need to get praised for helping others whiles others sided with her.

Check out some of the reactions below:

@radzilani responded: ” Why is it so important for you to be acknowled ged if you really did pave the way for people is it important for them to mention it? Nako engwe motho ke go no leboga ge batho ba tswela pele and not this attitude of “If it wasn’t for me” that yal constantly throw in out faces.”

Lindi Mmakgoshi said ideas get stolen all time, her response read: “Don’t you know that GREAT BRAINS get stolen all the time? They will steal your IDEAS and turn them as if they are their own, speak them so CONFIDENTLY, pretending as if they are FRESH from their heads. But more often, ORIGINATORS have the skill to IDENTIFY their Own BRAINS when spoken.

@muzi_kajama said if you give something you should not expect anything back, you should give from the goodness of your heart.

“People have become more like objects these days. Believe me, we’re giving into material things these days when we’re giving into other fellow human beings. So wary when you give into people – expect nothing good in return. But continue giving upon need when you can or want.”

Source: newzandar.com

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