Euro 2020: Like Ronaldo, Italy’s Locatelli pushes away Coca-Cola bottles

Italy midfielder, Manuel Locatelli, has become the latest footballer to remove Coca-Cola bottles from his press conference table at Euro 2020.

Locatelli even copied Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Agua!’ shout.

Ronaldo, 36, had caused a stir with a gesture involving two bottles of Coca-Cola, which caused the share price of the beverage company to fall by $4billion.

There was a similar scene on Tuesday night when France midfielder, Paul Pogba, removed a bottle of Heineken beer from the table during his post-match press conference.

However, Locatelli has now become the third player to take offence with Euro 2020’s sponsors, removing two bottles of Coca-Cola from the front and centre of the table and putting his own bottle of water directly in front of him instead.

The Sassuolo star was impressive for Italy as they defeated Switzerland 3-0 on Wednesday evening, scoring two goals to win UEFA’s Man of the Match award.

After arriving at his post-match press conference following Italy’s victory over Switzerland, the 23-year-old moved the Coca-Cola bottles out of shot and put the water in the middle, mimicking Ronaldo’s ‘Aqua!’ remark as he spoke to the press officer.

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