How Rangnick Could Make Manchester United History

It seems that Manchester United, after the departure of Alex Ferguson as head coach, is doomed to walk in circles, look for different options for replacing the great mentor, and then abandon them and go on a new path. The current road has led Manchester United to Ralf Rangnik, who came to the club in an incomprehensible status of a temporary worker with the prospect of either staying or giving way to a “permanent” coach in the summer and remaining a consultant. If you’re interested in sports betting, this information about online sports betting Tanzania may be useful.

How effective such vague schemes can be in general, we will judge later. In the meantime, you can see what United came to under Rangnick, what numbers and results. Moreover, there is a reason – the defeat of “Manchester” from “Everton” Frank Lampard, who is fighting for survival.

The Internet is full of all sorts of reactions. From a photo of Ronaldo smashing a phone (not his own) to a furious speech by De Gea that sees the helplessness of the team. Yes, and Rangnick himself already agrees that getting into the top four may not happen – you need to deserve it, but for now, Manchester United does not look deserving of such a privilege and is forced, straining his eyes more and more, to peer into the horizon of the fourth place, which is already with a six-point lead landed Tottenham.

The tally at Opta has estimated that Rangnick has a winning percentage of just 47 (8 out of 17) in the Premier League, the lowest of any Manchester United manager in the tournament. Crushing. But let’s see what percentage he has in all tournaments. And how he looks among all the managers who have passed through Manchester United since the resignation of Ferguson in 2013.

Louis van Gaal (2014-2016) – 52.43 percent win 

Source: the42.

And this is the worst percentage of wins of all the so-called permanent coaches who came to Manchester United after Ferguson. An attempt by the club bosses to surprise everyone, shake them up. Sometimes it turned out to surprise, but not always from the best side. But you can remember all sorts of funny stories and winning the FA Cup. And Manchester United are said to be close to inviting another Dutchman.

Ryan Giggs (2014) – 50 percent win 


Giggs was brought in as interim head coach following Moyes’ resignation in an effort to bolster team and fan morale after David’s apparent managerial failure. Giggs steered the team for three weeks while the bosses urgently looked for a new permanent head coach. In three weeks, he won two matches out of four. It is unlikely that these figures should be taken seriously. Yes, a moment in history.

Ralph Rangnick (2021-present) – 40.9 percent win


Neither temporary nor permanent. It seems that the club’s management is so confused in their desires and possibilities that they just desperately grab on to the most ridiculous schemes and strange names. (It would be better if the “grandfathers-rescuers” of Allardyce or Bruce were called, by golly). Rangnick’s five months at the helm of United makes him the team’s worst manager so far. And it only gets worse. And he had to steer seven matches, if you stick to the official position.