How to Know if the Catalytic Converter Is Out of Order

The catalytic converter is an expensive car part. That is why buyers pay good money even for non-working catalytic converters.

For example, through the website,  you can always sell the exhaust converter at the best prices.

Therefore, you don’t have to throw away an obsolete part after replacing it. After all, the catalytic converter is a valuable asset when it is not working. But how do you know when it’s time to replace the catalytic converter? This will be described in this material.

Warning signs of a catalytic converter failure

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Problems with the catalytic converter rarely appear instantly. The first signs of failure can be identified long before the complete failure of the part.

The catalytic converter only becomes unusable at once due to mechanical damage. In other cases, the process is cumulative.

The first signs of catalytic converter failure are:

  • gradual loss of engine power;
  • increase in fuel consumption;
  • Check Engine indicator light that does not go out after starting the engine;
  • difficulties with starting the warm engine.

Each of these factors separately may indicate other breakdowns. But in combination, these signs almost always indicate a problem with the catalytic converter.

Is it possible to drive a car with a non-working catalytic converter?


Many car owners wonder if they can drive a car if there are problems with the catalytic converter. In fact, it all depends on the degree of the breakdown.

For example, in the initial stages of clogging of the honeycomb, exploitation is quite acceptable. But if there is an increase in fuel consumption and a decrease in the dynamics of the car, it is better to contact a car repair shop. After all, the part will have to be replaced in any case in the near future. And in addition to the fact that driving with a clogged catalyst becomes uncomfortable, the cost of refueling also increases.

Also, you should not drive the vehicle for a long time after problems with the catalytic converter and other reasons have been detected. Due to the reduced capacity of the exhaust system, the load on the engine piston system increases.

And if there is mechanical damage in the construction of the internal block of the catalytic converter, it is strongly not recommended to drive such a car. Fragments of the converter may get into the engine, which will lead to the cost of overhaul of this unit as well.

With a significant degree of failure, the engine on modern cars may not start at all. The onboard computer reacts to the malfunction and switches the engine into emergency mode.

How to fix the breakdown

There are several basic ways to fix the breakdown:

  • replacing the malfunctioning catalytic converter with an original part;
  • installation of a cheaper analog;
  • removal of the converter.

Removal is the cheapest solution to the problem. But you need to remember that you can not just remove the catalytic converter. After all, the work of the unit is controlled by oxygen sensors. And in order for the car to work properly, it will be necessary to install a dummy and re-flash the onboard computer.

After such manipulations the car will not meet the declared norms of ecological compatibility. Therefore, it is better to replace the part.