Invisalign and Career Success: How a Beautiful Smile Can Impact Your Professional Life

As a professional, you are expected to interact with many people. Your greatest asset for this is your dental health. After all, you will be talking with them. You may even have to smile with them from time to time. If you happen to have difficulties in that department, then using Invisalign just might be the best option for you.

Why does a confident smile matter at work?

No matter your job, it’s crucial to put effort into appearing polished and well-groomed. By doing so, you’ll create a positive initial impression on those you encounter. Plus, it can even provide the surge of confidence you’ve been seeking.

In fact, a 2007 study has found that people who are perceived to be “attractive” also tend to be more successful, intelligent, and friendly. One crucial part of being attractive is having a smile that is sure to attract others. If you happen to have an off-putting smile, perhaps using aligners can help resolve your problem.

How can a beautiful smile improve your career prospects?

smile improve your career

In 2021, Forbes released an article that studies from Harvard and the University of Buffalo have pretty much confirmed the notion that attractiveness has a direct correlation to employability and receiving better paychecks. Of course, one of the criteria for being perceived as attractive is having a straight, pearly white smile. If you are diligent enough to work on this, getting that dream career will be much easier for you.

The benefits won’t just stop there! Once you already secured your work, you will still need to establish strong relationships with your workmates. Naturally, your inherent intelligence and skill can make an impact. Yet, it takes time for others to recognize these qualities. To thrive during the challenging initial weeks, it’s important to befriend your more experienced colleagues. A captivating grin can significantly aid in this effort. When coupled with sincere warmth and a drive to form friendships, that winning smile might just inspire them to vouch for you.

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How does Invisalign work?

How does Invisalign work

These aligners fit over your teeth, almost like a glove. It pushes your misaligned teeth to their proper place, provided that you wear them for 20-22 hours a day. Unlike braces, Invisalign is clear and nearly invisible, hence its name. Although it can be painful at first, this feeling will go away in a matter of days. Simply allow your body some time to adapt to the changes. Moreover, you’ll typically need aligners for about a year or so. Soon enough, you’ll be flaunting the flawless grin you’ve always desired.

Drawbacks of Invisalign and How to Cope with Them


Should you choose to try Invisalign, be aware that it will require some adjustments in your routine. As mentioned, you will need to wear it for up to 22 hours. This means you need to wear it even when you are at work. You will also have to practice brushing and flossing after every meal. Even though you have to remove your aligners during meals, there still might be food residue stuck in your mouth. The last thing you want is a suspicious-looking spinach glaring out of your Invisalign as you smile at your colleagues! Much as you need discipline to get things done, you also need to exercise prudence so you can straighten your teeth.

You might also observe alterations in your speech, which could be challenging if communication with clients and coworkers is essential. You may now wonder. Invisalign is supposed to help boost your confidence, and now it is becoming an obstacle in your journey toward professional success. Practicing how to talk properly is thus an important thing for you to do. You might have a lisp, but through practice and constant usage of your aligners, you will be able to talk the same way that you did before.

Improve your chances of getting hired today!

Understanding the potential of Invisalign to enhance your career opportunities, you might be contemplating it now. A flawless smile can not only help secure your ideal job but also foster connections with colleagues. The ease of using aligners ensures minimal work disruptions. In the end, the rewards of excellent dental health and self-assurance will be your most valuable payoff.

Go and book that orthodontist appointment! This just might be what you need so that you can get your career right back on track. Listen to your orthodontist and the next thing you know, that smile will lead you to more opportunities than you have expected.