Where Should You Buy Sex Toys?

The days of having to visit adult boutiques to purchase sex toys are long gone. Nowadays, there is a plethora of online sex toy websites to choose from. Shopping for items like vibrators carries absolutely no shame, but for those who prefer a more discreet shopping experience, the answer to where to buy sex toys is almost universally ‘online.’ The best sex toy websites not only offer a wide selection but also ensure your purchases are delivered in discreet packaging, which is an added bonus. With all this convenience, there’s really no reason not to take control of your own journey of self-pleasure, particularly in an era where our understanding of the fascinating ways our bodies function is more comprehensive than ever before.

Most women weren’t taught that our pleasure matters, or that only 18.4 percent of women can orgasm from penetration alone without any clitoral stimulation. this means many of us need to focus on clitoral stimulation—quite a lot of it—to achieve that elusive big O. Discovering how to provide yourself with pleasure isn’t just an enjoyable way to spend solo time; it can also significantly enhance your experiences with a partner, leading to a deeper understanding of your own desires.

What to look for when buying sex toys online?

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I love it when people seek recommendations for sex toys, but I often can’t provide a quick answer because the right choice depends on what you’re seeking from a sex toy, the course aids her students in discovering how to reach new heights of pleasure. To truly understand what you’d enjoy in a sex toy, I suggest asking yourself the following questions:

What kind of sensation are you seeking? Are you interested in more or less intense vibration patterns? Do you prefer features like suction and penetration, or do you want something simpler?

What type of material do you desire? Is it important for it to be latex-safe, or should it be compatible with oil-based lubricants?

Will you be using it for solo pleasure, with a partner, or both?

Are there specific features you require, such as being waterproof, discreet, or quiet? Do you prefer a toy that plugs into the wall, is rechargeable, or operates on batteries?

How easy is it for you to clean your toys? Do you have access to a space where you can wash and dry them before and after use, or do you need a toy that’s compatible with a disinfectant wipe or spray?

What’s your budget for this purchase?

These questions will help guide you in selecting the perfect sex toy tailored to your desires and preferences.

What should I avoid when shopping for sex toys online?

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It’s crucial to ensure that you purchase your toys from a reputable supplier that offers high-quality, body-safe materials. Silicone is an excellent choice for sex toys because it’s a body-safe, non-porous, and easy-to-clean material. In addition to silicone, options like glass, metal, and ABS plastic are also highly recommended.

When selecting a sex toy, I also recommend placing trust in online reviews, personal recommendations, or advice from experts rather than relying solely on clever marketing. There’s nothing worse than falling for marketing that promises more than the product delivers. To further protect yourself from any disappointments, be sure to review the return policy and warranty before clicking ‘complete purchase.’ If, like me, you often misplace your chargers, consider opting for a toy with a universal charger, making it easy to replace in case your cord goes missing.

3 Best Sex Toy Sites

Most online sex toy retailers simplify the process for you. They showcase their best-sellers, feature reviews from satisfied customers, and provide in-depth product information, covering details such as noise levels, vibrations, power, and whether the toy is best suited for external or internal use. The beauty of it all is that with a wide array of retailers to choose from, you can either invest generously in expanding your collection or find tried-and-true vibrators for under $50.

To get you started, we’ve done some preliminary shopping for you. While you can find nearly anything on Amazon, including sex toys, there are also specialized retailers, many of which are women-owned, that offer a diverse selection. Additionally, some beauty retailers cater to your needs and provide guidance on using these toys solo or with a partner.

Here are our top choices for purchasing sex toys online, along with a standout product from each retailer that you should consider adding to your shopping cart immediately.

1. Best Product Selection: Inyarose

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Inyarose offers a wide range of erotic products, making it an excellent destination for purchasing such items online. The selection is diverse, including vibrators, sexual health products for all genders (including menopausal individuals), and much more. What sets it apart is not just the product variety but also the discreet packaging of each order, ensuring that only you will know what’s inside.

For those seeking a gentler product that specifically targets the clitoris, the InyaRose Clitoral Stimulator is a great choice. This rosebud-shaped toy is affordable, fully waterproof, and easy to clean, providing a pleasurable experience in a discreet package.

2. Best known: Babeland

Babeland, which was established in 1993, is celebrating its ‘dirty 30’ this year and is currently offering a 30 percent discount to mark the occasion. This pioneering company was founded by two women based in Seattle in response to the limited availability of female-friendly sex toy shops. In many ways, they played a role in putting women’s pleasure on the map, as their physical stores gained recognition in the Seattle area and later in New York City.

Today, Babeland offers its entire range of sex toys online, in addition to still welcoming visitors to their renowned shops. Their product selection is diverse, encompassing everything from vibrators and butt plugs to harnesses and strap-ons.

If you prefer the old-school approach, consider Babeland’s Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer, a budget-friendly option that stimulates the G-spot while simultaneously targeting the clitoris with its renowned bunny ears.

3. Best for Beginners: Dame

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Dame is another women-owned company known for its distinctive pastel-colored, fun, and body-safe toys and sexual wellness products designed for individuals with vulvas. Their product range caters to solo play, but one of their standout items is the Eva, a unique silicone vibrator designed for hands-free use during couples’ intimate moments. It remains in place during partnered sex and provides additional clitoral stimulation, making it a valuable addition to your collection.

Dame also offers a wide variety of pleasure products, including massage oils, candles, lubricants, and sexual health and hygiene items. Consider trying the Dame Eva, a hands-free vibrator specifically designed for partnered sexual experiences.