6-year-old girl shoved off, robbed of e-scooter in Brooklyn

A 6-year-old girl was robbed of her e-scooter while riding in Brooklyn, police said Friday.

The cruel crime unfolded around 10 p.m. Wednesday outside 3528 12th Ave. in Borough Park, where the child was riding with her older sibling nearby, police said.

The robber walked up to the girl and asked, “Where is your mommy?” before pushing her off the scooter, cops said.

The suspect then took over with the scooter down the avenue, police said. 

The little girl told her older sibling what happened, and their parents later called the cops.

The child was uninjured in the incident. The suspect is described as in his late 20s and wearing a dark gray shirt, light gray shorts and gray sneakers. He was wearing a face mask at the time of the robbery, cops said. 

Metro | New York Post

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