9-year-old admitted to slashing baby sister in Brooklyn, family says

A 9-year-old boy admitted to slashing his baby sister in Brooklyn on Tuesday, the boy’s great-grandmother told The Post.

The 14-month-old toddler, named Kiya, was left with cuts to her stomach after the knife attack in the back room of a Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment on Patchen Avenue near Jefferson Avenue at around 5 p.m., cops said.

“I heard the baby crying but it was a normal cry,” Elaine Thomas, the children’s great-grandmother, told The Post. “It wasn’t like screaming or anything.”

Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas
Paul Martinka

“I came in and she was covered in blood,” said Thomas, 79. “I held the baby like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ I called her mother and said, ‘Get home quick, fast.’”

She said she asked the boy if he had done it, and he answered, “yes.” He wouldn’t say why, Thomas said.

The baby was at Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center Wednesday morning, where police said her condition had stabilized.

The brother, Jamill, who is autistic, was taken to the Kings County Hospital Center for a psychological evaluation.

Tiffany Douglas, the baby’s 32-year-old mother, left the baby with Thomas while she was out shopping, according to police sources.

When she came home, she found her young daughter bleeding and a knife on the scene, the sources said.

No one was in custody by late Wednesday morning.

Credit: NYPOST

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