Anybody but Bill: De Blasio approval rating in the basement, new Post poll finds

New Yorkers may be split on who they want the next mayor to be, but one thing they agree on is that they don’t like the current one, a new Post poll found.

A whopping 72 percent of the 1,000 Dem voters surveyed rated Mayor Bill de Blasio’s performance as ‘fair’ or ‘poor,’ while just 26 percent said he was doing a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ job. 

The astonishingly low marks come amid a surge in gun violence that has flummoxed City Hall and left de Blasio on the defensive about his crime strategies amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hizzoner spent much of the public-health crisis locked in petty battles with Gov. Andrew Cuomo over how best to tackle the issue, and particularly caught flak for a dizzying series of reversals on how and when to get public school kids back in classrooms.

He has also failed to craft a clear, specific plan to combat the city’s torrent of gun violence, even conceding earlier this month that the rest of the year will pose “a major challenge.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been accused of ignoring the city’s rising crime rates.
Mayor Bill de Blasio has been accused of ignoring the city’s rising crime rates.
Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office

The failing grades also come amid de Blasio’s newfound embrace of the Big Apple booster aspects of the mayoralty, which he long shunned.

He’s taken to touting local coffee spots, chowing down on pizza during press conferences and encouraging New Yorkers to return to the movies and theater as the city’s vaccination drive pushes ahead.

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