Aunt of slashed NYC subway worker begs de Blasio to ‘do something’ in emotional video

The aunt of an off-duty subway worker who was slashed in the face by a fellow rider publicly pleaded Thursday for Mayor de Blasio to “do something” to stem the surging violence underground.

“Mr. Mayor, I am saying to you: It is not safe for the transit worker or the public to ride the train, buses and everything. This is not fair,” Cassandra Sykes said.

“We cannot keep living like this, day after day, worrying about our people that’s getting up, coming to work for you. Do something! Please, we are begging you. Please, do something.”

Sykes implored the mayor to “put some more police officers out here,” saying, “People are scared. They are scared.”

“Now, it’s happening to your workers,” she said in a two-minute video clip posted on Twitter by her nephew’s union.

Passengers board the N/R/W/Q NYC Subway line at the Times Square platform, May 3, 2021.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted the lack of safety in the city’s subways.
Andrew H Walker/Shutterstock

“I know I would not ride the subway. I would not ride the bus. Because you don’t know what is gonna happen.”

Sykes’ nephew, identified by Transit Workers Union Local 100 as subway conductor Gerard Sykes, 52, was attacked without warning on a northbound J train in Brooklyn on Wednesday night.

The unidentified assailant was passing through the train’s cars when he used an orange box cutter to slash Sykes’ left eye, ear and forehead around 11:20 p.m. at the Crescent Street station in Cypress Hills, according to the NYPD.

Police on the scene of a shooting at Grand Concourse near W. 171st Street in the Bronx on April 28, 2021.
Police on the scene of a shooting at Grand Concourse near W. 171st Street in the Bronx on April 28, 2021.
Christopher Sadowski

Sykes underwent two emergency surgeries at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, according to his union, which also posted a photo that shows him bandaged and hooked up to a ventilator in his hospital bed.

The unprovoked attack on Sykes came amid a rash of violence that also included the ice-pick stabbing of a 28-year-old man on a northbound D train in Manhattan about five minutes earlier.

The victim in that incident was injured after he got up and moved away from his attacker, who used an anti-gay slur while cursing and yelling at the man before jabbing him in the gut.

Mayor Bill de Blasio took issue with Gov. Cuomo's criticism of the city's subway safety.
Mayor Bill de Blasio took issue with Gov. Cuomo’s criticism of the city’s subway safety.

Earlier this week, Gov. Cuomo blasted the lack of safety on the city’s subways, saying, “I’m not telling my child to ride the subway, because I’m afraid for my child.”

De Blasio responded on Thursday morning by saying, “As a real New Yorker, who lives in the city, has taken the subway all my life, I wouldn’t hesitate at all to take the subway,”

City Hall didn’t immediately return a request for comment on Cassandra Sykes’ emotional remarks.

Additional reporting by Julia Marsh

Credit: NYPOST

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