Bronx motorcycle thieves snatch dad’s gold chain, drag him along street

A pair of thieves on a motorcycle grabbed a man’s gold chain around his neck as he was out buying ice cream for his daughter in the Bronx — dragging him along the sidewalk, cops said.

The 35-year-old dad was standing on East Burnside Avenue near Walton Avenue in University Heights around 3:30 p.m. June 6 when the duo drove up to him and snatched the chain, pulling him along the street until they ripped it off.

They then sped off with the loot, heading east on East Burnside Avenue, cops said.

motorcycle robbery
Cops are still searching for the suspects.

They are shown on surveillance footage released late Monday riding the white motorcycle. 

The victim was treated on scene by EMS for scrapes and bruising to his arms, legs and neck, cops said. 

motorcycle thief
The duo drove up to the victim and snatched the chain as he was buying ice cream for his daughter.

Cops are still searching for the suspects.

Metro | New York Post

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